We have an ATM (or as we say in the south, “ATM machine”) in my area that talks to you. The problem I have with it is the voice, while it is a sexy sounding woman, is a slight British accent. What we need is one that speaks our language.

“Hi cuz. Stick yer card in”

“Thanks, now punch in yer number”

(Boop, beep, beep, boop)

“Nope, that ain’t yer number, try the last four digits of your phone number”

(Beep, beep boop beep)

“That’s it. now how much money ya want darlin’?”

(Boop, boop, boop, beep, beep)

“Now sugar, you know you ain’t got that much money”

(Boop, boop, beep beep)

“That’s better. Hold on a minute while I count it out”

“Hear ya go”

“Thank ya kindly, take your ticket”

“Don’t forget your card this time, see ya later.”

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