One evening a couple of months ago I was cooking dinner while my wife was watching a DVR’d episode of one of  the morning talk shows, I can’t recall which one. On the show was some hunky man, and the ladies were going on and on about his body, especially his chest. A couple of them even ran their hands over his chest while the audience, mostly if not all, women, whooped and hollered.

Contrast this to President Trump, who I am not a fan of, making a comment about President Marcon’s wife, saying “Your’re in such good shape”. This comment is being called sexual harassment.

Excuse me? Commenting that a woman is in good shape, or saying she has a “nice smile”, or calling her “beautiful” is sexual harassment, but women on TV rubbing their hands all over a man’s chest while other women scream isn’t? Give me a break.  Both women and men like to be commented on regarding their attractiveness, don’t pretend they don’t. Mega dollars are spent on clothes, makeup, gym memberships, etc. to make us look good but we don’t want anybody to notice?

Of course there is no such thing as “reverse” sexual harassment. Harassment is harassment, whether it comes from, or is directed towards a man or a woman, but by calling any comment a man makes toward a woman harassment dilutes real harassment, like the boy who cried wolf.

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